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As their manufacturing efforts continue to expand, and new areas are being designated for new lines, this plant continues to protect their concrete from their harmful chemicals, water, and debris. The designated areas for moving equipment also help decrease safety hazards with many forklift, and miscellaneous equipment constantly traveling throughout their process. This system was […]


A nursing home located just outside the city of Dayton had reached out to us about their main entrance.Their building was built in the early 1920s and obtains many beautiful and elaborate architectural features. After discovering the vinyl tile in their lobby was covering up some old cement terrazzo, they wanted it restored. Our team […]

Store Renovation- Anderson, Ohio

We recently finished a building renovation for an apparel company in Anderson, OH. This customer requested a floor that matched their fire and ice theme of their logo. They also wanted a unique floor that demanded attention as soon as you walk in. With our three coat epoxy and urethane system with metallic pigments, we […]

Pharmaceutical Plant – Reading , Ohio

Most of our competitors stick to the floor, but we can even stick to your walls! Here at a pharmaceutical plant located in Cincinnati we do just that. Being in the pharmaceutical industry, cleanliness is an absolute necessity for each of their manufacturing rooms. These 3 coat, fiberglass reinforced systems, allow for easy spray down […]

Manufacturing Campus- Portland, Tennessee

Another project we finished in the past year was at a manufacturing facility in Northwestern Tennessee. As they were expanding their production processes into a few different buildings they wanted their floors to match the quality of their products. Just by taking a look at the before and after pictures below you can see that […]

Manufacturing Facility – Dayton ,Ohio

One of our largest projects going on right now is the rebuild of a large manufacturing facility north of downtown Dayton. After being greatly impacted by the tornado from 2019, they needed a floor that would be able to withstand not only the demands of their large manufacturing operation, but even the unforeseen. We decided […]

Distribution Facility- Akron ,Ohio

Sometimes it is not feasible to do your whole floor in one stop. Whether your facility is too big, the finances are not available, or you cannot afford the downtime. AG prides itself on working around you. This is a picture from a large distribution facility just outside Akron, Ohio. Every year we come up […]

Dance Academy – Cincinnati, Ohio

We recently finished a very interesting project just outside of downtown Cincinnati , at a local dance academy. Their new instructional facility features a few different floor systems. The hallways and main common spaces feature a metallic epoxy design that offers the right amount of art to functionality. In each dance room we resurfaced the […]