AG Engineering & Contracting approaches each flooring job individually, based on safety and environmental issues and managed from the earliest planning phases of a project. Whether the goal is durable protection from chemical exposure, creating decorative aesthetics, or waterproofing, we can deliver the right solution with the least amount of disruption to your business.

We utilize the latest advances in concrete resurfacing and coating technology. This allows a broader range of colors, finishes, and surface profiles customized to meet the needs and budget of your project or facility.

Heavy Duty Systems

¼” to ½” troweled overlays. Epoxy mortars or urethane cement overlays are used for resurfacing new or damaged concrete in challenging industrial environments. These overlays are high impact and abrasive resistant and will handle heavy traffic including forklifts, loaded pallets, material handling equipment, steel wheeled traffic, etc.

Medium Duty Systems

1/16” to 3/16” slurry troweled, or broadcast overlays used to resurface new or damaged concrete that will see medium traffic impact, including occasional forklift or vehicle traffic. These applications are seen in industrial, commercial, and retail environments.

Light Duty Systems

3mil to 60mil thick coatings that are applied to concrete in light cart and mild foot traffic areas. These coatings are primarily used to improve aesthetics, cleanliness, and texture.


There are a vast number of decorative systems available for all profiles of service (light, medium, and heavy duty). Decorative systems are non-solid color coatings utilizing colored sands, vinyl chips, marble, and other special aggregates.