AG Engineering & Contracting has extensive experience in providing thin film coatings to heavy-duty troweled fiberglass reinforced lining systems – depending on a facilities service and chemical exposure.

Primary Containment

Steel and/or concrete tanks are a very important part of a chemical plants operation and its safety. Often these tanks or containment vessels require chemical resistant linings to protect the interior surfaces. We can provide recommendations supported and backed directly from the lining manufacturers as well as a turnkey, safe installation.

Secondary Containment

The concrete structure (walls, floors and tank pads) surrounding a chemical containing vessel generally requires a protective coating or lining to meet the Code of Federal Regulations and enforcement by State EPA and local governments.  If concrete alone is not resistant to your chemical, we can provide economical solutions, beginning with the proper preparation and ending with a seamless lining that will handle the potential corrosion conditions and your normal traffic.